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The Dirty Heads
Micah Brown
Roots of a Rebellion

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9:00 PM Wednesday, October 23rd

Doors open at 8:00 PM

Cabin by the Sea, the new album from The Dirty Heads, sounds like summer. "That's exactly what we wanted," says Heads frontman Jared "Dirty" Watson. "It starts with the title. No matter where you are or what's going on, when you hear this record, we want to transport you to this place, this 'Cabin by the Sea.'" For the SoCal rock/reggae/hop-hop band, Cabin represents more than just good vibes. It's the culmination of years of hard work and endless touring, and a chance to refine and improve on their breakthrough, 2008's Any Port in the Storm. That's not an easy act to follow - their debut album featured one of the decade's biggest rock singles, Lay Me Down, and a shout-out in Rolling Stone as one of the year's best new bands. But the heads knew better things lay ahead. "Last Time was our first time in the studio, working with a producer," says Watson. "This Time out, we nailed it. We trimmed the fat and got the sound we were always going for."

Sales Information:
Tickets go on sale Friday August 23rd, 2013
$15.00 Advance / $18.00 Day of Show, plus applicable service fees

(615) 321-3340

Ticket Sales Outlets:
Exit/In Box Office and Grimey’s Record Store

2208 Elliston Place
Nashville, TN
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The Dirty Heads
Roots of a Rebellion

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